Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor or TPMS

When was the last time you check the air pressure in your tires? Do you know what the proper inflation pressure should be for your vehicle? Is the proper inflation pressure the same for every vehicle?

The answer to these questions can effect this little light on your dash. Most of the time it is simply because your inflation pressures are below the Vehicle Manufactures recommended pressure. I have seen it happen the opposite way as well, Customer comes in because they have tried to add air to their tires and the light will not turn off, so they keep on added air to the tire and end up over inflating the tire. Which can be just as bad for the tire as underinflation. Here are couple of tips to correct this light: 1) Leave your car on while adding air to the tires if they are under inflated. 2) Always check the door tag or B pillar tag for the proper air pressure for your vehicle and tire. 3) Always have a trusted air gauge with you to check for accurate pressure. 4) If all else fails, simply come on by Fountain Valley tire and auto and we will check it for you and reset your light if needed.

Now you ask yourself, “Why is this all so important?”. There are a couple of reasons. The proper inflation pressure will help your tire last longer, perform to their potential and safe you money on your fuel cost. If your tires is 5 psi lower than recommended can cost you up to 20% in more fuel expenses.

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Paul Dickerson